The Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) has provided the following guidance to exhibitors

  1. All Cattle movement to and from shows must be reported by owner to ScotEID or BCMS within 3 days. All cattle entering the showground must be accompanied by a passport which must be handed to the secretary for recording movement on and off the show ground.
  2. Animals moving to and from a show once in any 13 day period will not need to be isolated on return home and will not trigger a 13 day stand-still for any other animal.
  3. All cattle must be from a BVD negative holding or have individually tested negative for BVD.
  4. The Society is required to maintain a record of all exhibitors, persons handling stock, including Poultry at the show and registration number of transport vehicles; exhibitors must complete a full list of their stock handlers and transport carrier on the entry form. The Transport of Animals (Cleansing and Disinfection) (Scotland) Regulations 2005 applies to vehicles taking stock to and from the Show.
  5. All sheep must be individually ear tagged/tattooed and individual numbers reported. Please note two separate notices must be declared BY EXHIBITOR (the movement onto and off the show ground) and be submitted to Scottish Animal Movement Unit (SAMU) Government Buildings, 161 Brooms Road, Dumfries DG1 3ES within 3 days of the show. Only tagged/tattooed Sheep will be permitted to enter the showfield.
  6. MV Accredited sheep must be accompanied by a valid green certificate of status and must conform to all scheme rules.
  7. All sheep exhibitors must confirm that their stock have received an approved Scab control treatment.
  8. All horses must be accompanied by a passport
  9. All sheep born from 01/01/2010 require EID to comply with regulations.

SHOW RULES (to be strictly adhered to)

  1. All Entries must be prepaid with completed forms and payment to the Secretary by close date Wednesday 2 August 2023. Late Entries will only be accepted with appropriate fees at the discretion of the President.
  2. Exhibitors must undertake to comply with all APHA livestock regulations.
  3. Exhibitors in Cattle, Horse and Sheep Sections (excluding Juveniles 14 years and under), shall be fully paid up members of the Society, Membership £15. All juvenile competitors in Light Horse and Juvenile Cattle Sections must be supervised by an adult who is a member of the Society.
  4. All Stock exhibited must at date of showing and for three months prior thereto be the bona fide property of Exhibitor.
  5. Entry money to be paid for each entry in each premium competition, except for Champion Prizes. All trophies presented are perpetual and it is the responsibility of the recipient to care for and return them to the Secretary, President or a Committee Member by June 30th in the condition in which they were received.
  6. All Stock and other exhibits must be in their places on the Show Ground before 10.30 a.m. (unless otherwise stated) on the Day of the Show.
  7. No stock vehicles allowed into show field
  8. Bulls must be led with a Ring and Stirks with a Halter.
  9. The Show will be under Glasgow Rules, prohibiting tampering, doctoring or bottling. Cattle with Ringworm or any other contagious diseases will not be admitted to the Show.
  10. Horses requiring measurement in size classes will be measured bySociety Committee Members. Society Committee Members’ decision is
  11. All Prize Winners in the Horse and Cattle Sections must parade in the Show Rings immediately after the Judges have completed their awards respectively for the Premium and all other Stock must remain in the Show Ground until after Presentation of Trophies. For infringement of this Rule the Committee may and reserve the right to cancel any prize awarded. No Stock can be removed from the Show Ground before the appointed time without a written permit from the Secretary.
  12. Special care will be taken with all exhibits, but the Society will not be held responsible for any losses sustained, or damage done to exhibits or equipment either at or on the way to or from the Show.
  13. The orders of the Committee must be observed. The Society does not hold itself bound by any error or omission in the description of Show Competitions. Any disputes or complaints shall be dealt with in the terms of the Society’s Rule 16, all complaints must be made in writing to the Secretary by 5pm on the day of the Show together with a deposit of £10 which will be refunded if the complaint is upheld.
  14. All Exhibitors by entering shall be held to have noticed and accepted all Show Rules.


Exhibitors and Officials shall be subject to Kennel Club Rules & Regulations and in particular Club Rule A42. Dogs which have won a Challenge Certificate, Reserve Challenge Certificate or Junior Warrant are not eligible for entry into Pedigree Classes. All dogs must be over 6 months of age on show day. Only undocked dogs and legally docked dogs may be entered for exhibition at this Show.